Week 6 donations

Hello Everyone! I hope you are having a good day so far. In the past week we made more donations! Anu picked up produce this Sunday and we were able to donate over 115 pounds this week alone! In total, we have donated over 350 pounds in this past month alone. Over Summer we expect to donate over 700 pounds of produce! We'll also be able to continue in the winter because we are registering as a non-profit. Our donors will be able to recive tax benifits and we can get donations from big corporations such as Harris Teeter. I would also like to thank Anu for make our food donations in the last 2 weeks while I was busy. He was the one who though of this donating ugly produce and thought of the idea to register as a non-profit. I am so glad that I am working together with him so we can give back to society. I would also like to thanks Dulles South Soup Kitchen for funding our website and our Non-Profit.

Donors ~

C.Hess farms

Lista Vista Farm

Tyson farms

Dulles South Soup Kitchen

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