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End of 2022 Harvesting season

Hello Everyone! Krops for Kids has just ended our donation cycle for 2022. Our non-profit has greatly expanded this year as we have donated 4506 pounds this year! We met new, very generous farms who have helped expand Krops for Kids and we cannot thank them enough (Links to their websites below). Additionally, I would like to thanks all of the people who supported Krops for Kids over the last two years. We met new people, gained non-profit status, won the Step Up Loudoun Competition, and most importantly, donated 6600 pounds these last two years! We could not have been this successful without your full support.

As we approaach 2023, Krops for Kids plans to build relations with more farmers, grocery stores, and soup kitchens. To the people willing to help our cause, reach out to us at I have listed the names of our supporters below.

Link to the Saturday Farmers Market

Link to the Sunday Farmers Market

Read about Krops for Kids in the Step Up Loudoun Competition

Again, thank you for all of your support and we wish to meet many new faces next year!

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