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Week 5 donations

Hello everyone and happy late July 4th. Last weekend we made our 5th donation! We picked up produce from C.HESS Farms and Lista Vista farms on Saturday at StoneBridge hospital. On Sunday, we recived food from Tyson Farm in an EatLoco event. We can't thank everyone enough for all the support. We now have a website, are almost Non-profits, and have donated over 200 pounds in 1 month! Throughout this journey I learned that it's possible to do anything! In October, our project didn't have any momentum. Now we are looking like a legitimate bussiness and we're just middle school kids! As long as you work hard and stay determined anything is possible.

Links to donors

Dulles South Soup Kitchen ~

Tyson Farms ~

Lista Vista Farms ~

C.HESS Farms ~

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